Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Am I crazy, or is the amount of time a hater spends obsessing over the object of said hate in direct proportion to if not greater than the amount of time they spend obsessing over something they "love"?.

Whether something costs $8.00, $80.00, or $800.00, it's tacky to make a point of making sure everyone knows how much it cost and where you got it.

There is nothing more unflattering and unimpressive than being harsh with an animal to get it to do what you want. There is a reason it didn't listen when you asked nicely. Furthermore, why SHOULD it listen? You didn't prove anything by dragging your arthritic dog up the porch by his collar because he wasn't moving fast enough for your backwater, ignorant ass. Except that you're ignorant and you probably treat your woman and children in a similar fashion.

Yoga isn't a sport. Stop being so serious. just don't get a shower. 

The trick to dressing cheap while looking like money is keep your mouth shut. It's entirely possible that the girl next to you got that bag at Kmart...but you think it's worth a grand purely due to her ability to fake it. And, let's face it, she might simply have better taste than you. 

Kind of related to a lot of these little ideas: I hate people who hate people who are better at something than they are.

Vegetarianism/veganism won't make you skinny or model-esque or trendy, even. Unbalanced vegetarianism/veganism will make you ill. Like, what do you THINK you're going to look like if all you eat is pasta and rice cream? I'm not saying don't do it. I think it's grand. I'm saying do it smart or quit bitching about your itchy skin and puffy face and irritable bowels. That rule applies to everything, actually. Go ahead, test it against something else.

Tell me whether or not you enjoy a convertible car, and I'll tell you who you are.

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