Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Your Daily Thing to Ponder (Ultimate Courage)

"There comes a day in the practice of yoga when the entire reality of the world, all its forces, all its antagonisms, begin to run together and to have a single taste and smell. The absolute smells wonderfully good, and its most fetid components are part of this divine perfume. 

"Practicing this way is practicing without interruption but with extreme care for punctuation. Practicing intermittently, returning to the ashram after work, is a way of refusing the continuity of mystical experience. The continuity can never be experienced that way, since only a part of the Self returns. Nothing can be divided. There can't be a box for the pleasures of the mind, a box for the pleasures of the body, a box for the divine, a box for violence, a box for those without social standing, a box for the privileged. 

"The real way life works is that everything communicates and everything transmits a charge. Fragmentation leads to explosions on the individual and social levels. Everything separate is destined to die out. To be alive is an act of ultimate courage, since to live is to realize how immaterial these divisions and boxes are, and to throw oneself into the great maelstrom. Contrary to what most people think, there is no risk in throwing oneself into the maelstrom, but one can know that only after having jumped. And that's the difficult part, to jump. 

"To jump! That's the Great Yoga!"

(from TANTRIC QUEST by Daniel Odier)

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