Thursday, June 24, 2010

Your Thing to Ponder (Despair = Joy)

"Discouragement and weariness are fruitful moments. They represent a natural pause that comes along to interrupt the course of our eagerness. The cessation of a dynamic carries space within itself. The guilty feeling of our incapacity can lead us to despair, and despair can lead us to silence and joy - provided that we dare to remain there, to settle in there, in some way. At the end of hope exists the seed of the end of fear, the smell of freedom and independence. Let us dare to abandon the frenzy of seeking. Let us dare to stand aloof, to doubt all that has seemed essential to us up until now, let us dare to stop believing in anything at all; then we will have the experience of a great letting go. Then, in this relaxing, we will perhaps be able to taste of the essence of inconceivable freedom." - Daniel Odier

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