Friday, July 16, 2010

Your Thing to Ponder [Close your eyes and believe]

~ I forgot about this, and rediscovered it today in a fit of lowness. Enjoy. ~

Close your eyes and believe
Get the focus off yourself, there is power giving in to it all
Letting ourselves become puppets
Fulcrums between powers
With the focus on the future being potential
And the past as inconsequential
Free to roam where and with whom we please
No peace, but peace as the irony of comfort.
The collective emotions in a group of friends
Defining all that ever is or was complete
A forum for superpower
With intent of acknowledgment
But leading a life trying to ignoring it
Holding the power without using it,
Portraying or articulating it,
But suffering through self imposed ignorance
Suffering for the future, suffering because of the past
Suffering to suffer.

Mirrors reflect suffering
Suspended in an infinite present
Accepting pain by welcoming it.
Always the one, always the son
Constantly being found
Seeking the same god within
In the eyes of everyone
Beneath the layers and facades are sparks of recognition
One is seen by all
All fingers of matter vibration infinite
Communicating the vastness of fractal games
Through acknowledgement of self in others
Faith used to suspend suffering
Trying to let flow the ebb tide,
Like night in order to achieve day.
The intent is the same
The honor of being alive
While castles crumble under the weight of commitment

The doctrines of metaphor, begging the questions,
The mighty masturbators
Stroking the ego, reinforcing my ego
We find others for the sake of them knowing it was us who found it in them
We become transient possessions of gods and devils
Devils knowing pain of being separated from gods
Sympathy. Pain. Death. Salvation.
...A vehicle that disowns the self in order to achieve it again
The mighty paradox, infinity
A ceiling for humanity
The paradox is the paradox
Constantly defining itself through the exploitation of self
There is only one, defining two, being three
The two being defined and externalized objectively
Perpetually starting the sequence again,
And engine of perfect power
Constantly refining the emotional landscape of all physical eternity.
The channel of "I"

-Devin Townsend

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