Sunday, July 4, 2010

Your Thing to Ponder (Gaze Gets Lost)

Incredibly irritated right now. Sorry for the hiatus (not that anyone is reading this, anyway). Hold yourself over on more incomparable crazy wisdom. 

"When you greet me, do not bow before someone who may be what you are not. Even if Shiva were standing there in front of you, never bow before something distant and unattainable; on the contrary, bow before that which links us and which makes us fundamentally alike, which makes Shiva and his companion, Bhairavi, fundamentally no different from you and me. When you bow, bow deeply before the divine which is in ourselves and in this moment, before the divine which has never been separate from us, before the divine which is not found anywhere other than in ourselves, before the divine which we can never get closer to or farther away from, before the inconceivable divine out of which our entire being is fashioned, as the texture of clay out of which we take the form given to us by the potter. As long as you imagine a way which separates you from the divine, you are preparing for lengthy wandering, and this wandering will never end, because the more you think you are approaching the divine, the more it will escape you. 

"Shiva is inconceivable, unattainable, and yet it is impossible to distance yourself from him, because fundamentally you are Shiva. You greet me, you greet the divine which links us like the ground on which we walk, like the sky in which our gaze gets lost."

(If you're going to steal my photos - which I doubt, they aren't that good - at least fucking link me or something...)

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