Saturday, July 10, 2010

Your Thing to Ponder (Take a Hike, Tiny Spermatozoid)

Look for original content when I'm not worrying about my ill father, down with the flu myself, and playing in the rain with a tire gauge.

"The ego is the most erectile part of the body! Taking an entire day to observe everything that goes on there, developing immediate awareness of the spasmodic activities of the ego is a marvelous practice. Lalita Devi often asked me to describe to her in a lot of detail a slice of my life of a few hours. This could take a long time because she wanted to know absolutely everything. She wanted as precise an account as possible of all sensory, emotional, and mental activity. I would then realize how alert the ego really is, and sometimes a mere breeze was enough to make it suddenly surge up again.

"This is why observing the various upsurges of the ego leads to the realization that the sacred tremor can move in and become established once the ego takes a hike, once the body finds its spatial dimension again. We all know how easy it is to provoke someone's ego, how the slightest comment is liable to make it react. The ego is like those mustard jars sold in novelty stores that a devil pops out of when we open the lid. But when we become sensitive to the spherical approach to life, this phenomenon subsides, and then stops.

"Knowing that the ego becomes aroused through criticism as well as through compliments, when we start to hear things without the ego reacting, we have a strange - to say the least - experience of abandoning the body, because this sets off a relaxation of the breath. The effect is curious because we are involved in what we are hearing, but the devil does not spring out of the mustard jar. There are two joint happenings. We feel that this is intended for the ego, but we do not really know where the ego is anymore. The ego has gone for a walk. It will be back later. Maybe it went to take the dog out or to rent a video. Its energy gets lost in the gigantic sphere, like a tiny spermatozoid in infinity, seeking something and finding nothing: he loses his mind and ends up exploding."

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