Saturday, September 25, 2010

Your Thing to Ponder (Taut Strings of the Soul)

Don't leave a book of Eric Hoffer's aphorisms on my coffee table! 

So, your thing, your little sting, to ponder is: what are you blaming on something other than insufficient application?

"Man's thoughts and imaginings are the music drawn from the taut strings of the soul. The stretching of the soul that produces music is the result of the pull of opposites - opposite bents, attachments, and yearnings. Where there is no polarity - where energies flow smoothly in one direction - there can be hustle and noise but no music. 

"They who lack talent expect things to happen without effort. They ascribe failure to a lack of inspiration or of ability, or of misfortune, rather than insufficient application. At the core of every true talent there is an awareness of the difficulties inherent in any achievement, and the confidence that by persistence and patience something worthwhile will be realized. 

"Thus, talent is a species of vigor."

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