Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm Beginning to Like My Face

A smidgen of blog-fun - got the idea from Eloise In NY. Here's seven not-really-secrets-but-more-like-random-factoids about this not-always-malcontent-yogini, chosen in total free-associated order.

1) I skeeve animal hair, despite loving animals and working in a veterinary hospital. Gore, goo, gick, etc. doesn't bother me in the slightest, but hair - when it deposits itself on the furniture, my clothing, or any place other than the animal's body - drives me insane. No, I don't cover the interior of my apartment in plastic. I just vacuum a lot. 

2) I am the girl who the other girls ask to kill the spider or weird caterpillar or whatever insect wanders into territory it shouldn't be. FYI, I usually just move the offending crawly critter elsewhere without killing it, if I can help it. The point: crawlies don't bother me. Except for earwigs, centipedes, and assassin bugs. I respond with total visceral revulsion that's like a combination of the nails-on-chalkboard feeling and that gagging thing right before you vomit. Don't ask me why. 

3) I thought orange juice tasted vaguely like vomit until I was about 20 years old. Again, I have no clue what happened to make me think this, and I drink it all the time now and it's great. Was I a weird kid? Yeah. I am a weird kid still.

4) As a kid, the animated version of The Hobbit absolutely terrified me, especially the sequence with Bilbo and Gollum in the cave. But I think I watched that movie at least three thousand times and leafed through my dad's copy of the big fat illustrated monstrosity companion book every day after school. And then proceeded to suffer recurring nightmares for like, twelve years.

5) I think it was the year I aged from 12 to 13 that I fell asleep first at the party. Sitting upright in a chair, no less. This is the first instance of narcolepsy in my life that I remember. And there's no shades of gray. I either literally pass out in the middle of a riot or I'm the one staying awake into the dark-thirty hours wishing it never would end - despite getting only three hours of sleep the night before. 

6) I can put my body through hell. Sleep, food, dressing appropriately for the weather, whatever - it all sometimes seems utterly unnecessary and I forget to take care of it. Physical pain means very little to me, most of the time. But often I totally lack mental and emotional endurance. I've been told I possess this freakish intellect, intelligence, and ability to unravel the knot of thoughts with staggering precision - however, sometimes I wonder if I'm not some kind of savant. Because it absolutely deserts me when I need it most or in high pressure situations. Very frustrating.

7) The thing I suck at most is equilibrium. I'm either horribly logical, endlessly patient, and the bravest person you know ...or I'm flying off into the stratosphere of ill-planned decisions, jumping at every shadow I see, and manifesting monsters for my personal torment. It may not be apparent, but every day is a constant fight with myself to stay somewhere within the ever-shifting center of the center. At least I admit it. 

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