Saturday, December 18, 2010

We Fall Back

Two very similar comments from two very different sources. Or, again, are they different? Sometimes that which seems quite far away actually stands right beside you...

"One day we step back and decide to pay our imaginary debt to society. We accept the death of our true selves. And the great fraud is that this death troubles no one. To the contrary, it is watched for, welcomed, and rewarded." - Lalita Devi, from Tantric Quest

"At such times there is a song going on within us, a song to which we listen. It fills us with surprise. We marvel at it. We would continue to hear it. But few are capable of holding themselves in the state of listening to their own song. Intellectuality steps in and as the song within us is of the utmost sensitiveness, it retires in the presence of the cold, material intellect. It is aristocratic and will not associate itself with the commonplace - and we fall back and become our ordinary selves. Yet we live in the memory of these songs which in moments of intellectual inadvertence have been possible to us. They are the pinnacles of experience and it is the desire to express these intimate sensations, this song from within us, that motivates the masters of all art." - Robert Henri, from The Art Spirit

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