Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In The Wake Of Clear

A lot of long-winded, complicated theories - one involving my annoyance with people who anthropomorphize and one that I can't categorize yet - are slowly mutating into readable form. But they're not there yet, sorry. I'm, as usual, pulled in a zillion directions right now with something new starting in just about every area of my life, and happy to be so.

Here's my only original wisdom for you today, brought to you with a lot of help from my friends, and by what happens when sharp brains don't get adequate play time:

The Nineties specialized in taking things already in existence, making them clear, and tricking most of us into thinking something new happened. The Eighties did it with neon or florescent. The Nineties did it with clear. For instance: Crystal Pepsi. Clear game system controllers. No real upgrade in any way whatsoever. Just...clear.

Okay. Back to your normal lives now.

"In general, one spends the first part of life searching, and the rest, dying spiritually. The fatal moment when everything is reversed is the moment we fossilize our knowledge into belief. It's all the more pernicious because it's precisely the moment we begin our descent that we have the reassuring impression of taking a big step towards consciousness."

"As soon as devotion for one's master makes us ignore the master in ourselves, we no longer take part in spirituality. As soon as we lose contact with reality in order to follow the Absolute, we lose contact with the Absolute. The entire Absolute is contained in reality. There's not a trace of it elsewhere...

"Don't seek the divine by constructing a cage around it." - Tantric Quest

P.S. Hilarious. I <3 Coilhouse.

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