Friday, February 18, 2011


Did I post pieces of this article before? Too bad.

"...A true woman's power is magnetic, attractive, and visionary. A woman's body receives, nurtures, gives, produces, holds, bears, bends, grows, shrinks, and sometimes even breaks, only to rebuild. Rather than an exposed sexual organ, in the heart of every female form rests a womb that is a great, silent, and dark potential for life. This darkness that draws its archetype from the lunar cycle pulls energy, tides, change, life force, and fertility to it...

"If women deny the reality of the female body, including its cycles and birth potential, then the feminine soul is still held in highly contentious chains...

"I do not seek to replicate the male form, but instead allow the flow of my female life to course through my veins, muscles, body, mind, and soul. 

"Women are the great gatekeepers of the world. Our 'yes' permits entry to the inner space of our bodies, while our 'no' draws lines of approval and disapproval. In our ability to choose, to gather and draw, we find our true empowerment: not in emulating the boisterous strength of men, but instead shining like the full moon on a clear night, we are graceful, iconic, powerful, beautiful, mesmerizing, enchanting, and captivating...

"...For it is a quiet strength that lies within every woman's body." - Kino MacGregor

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