Thursday, February 10, 2011

What The Universe Is Doing

"Yes, we are going around in circles. But you see, going around in circles - as you may have observed by looking at the sky - is what the universe is doing!" - Alan Watts

"Of course it is not easy to go one's road. Because of our education we continually get off our track, but the fight is a good one and there is joy in it if there is any success at all. After all, the goal is not making art. It is living a life. Those who live their lives will leave the stuff that is really art. Art is a result. It is the trace of those who have led their lives...

"Our education has led away from the realization that the mystery of nature is in each man. When we are wiser we will not assume to mold ourselves, but will make our ignorance stand aside - hands off - and we will watch our own development. We will learn from ourselves. This habit of conducting nature is a bad one." - Robert Henri

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