Thursday, March 3, 2011

You're Ridiculous and I'm Going To Bed

A just-about-midnight rant:

Yoga, as it is sensationalized in America, is an industry. Period. Get over it. If you're shocked by that, you're buying into said industry. If you care - one way or the other! - about a practitioner's reality TV show, you've bitten the fucking hook. If you think wearing makeup somehow derails you - or, in the reverse, if you believe not wearing makeup and hiding your body are your one-way fast track to enlightenment -  you never caught the damn train in the first place.

Legs on a snake, baby. Legs on a snake. 

Again. Yoga, as it is sensationalized, bought, and sold in America, is an industry. Indeed we all start on the mat - staying boxed in there is the problem. Shut up, listen to your heart, follow your soul, stay out of the loop and on your path.

1 comment:

  1. Spiritual egotism. Hypocrisy. Narcissism.
    How deep does that even go?
    You sound like the epitome of superficiality.
    Go read some Ayn Rand you capitalist numb skull.


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