Monday, May 23, 2011

Strand By Strand

My head clears with the rain. The train recedes.

"Locked away in a cage, 
My rage has got the best of me.
Time finds a way each day
Of leaving less of me behind.
I find this fight must be won
Inside the mind:
So uptight and confined,
Often blinded by the light
Taking its toll on my system,
Like some played out existence.
Time ticks away these last few moments;
Is there anything we've left unsaid?
I'm on a quest for atonement;
I've got to find peace of mind
And a place to rest,
Biding my time
Until I'm strong enough to fight back.
I hope against hope
For some resistance;
Been taking it out on my system.
There's a calm before the storm
And the western front is quiet;
I've got Rembrandt as my right hand, 
And Solo as my pilot."

- from "Solitaire Unraveling" by Mushroomhead

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